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VECTrAK Standard Program - Up to 100

Astigmatism analysis of refractive and cataract procedures using the Alpins Method for up to 1000 cases with import/export feature of data.


VECTrAK is a stand-alone software with minimal data entry required. Numerical reporting using The Alpins Method is a key feature of VECTrAK™ showing calculations for:

·         TIA, SIA and Difference Vector

·         The Correction Index

·         Coefficient of Adjustment for nomogram refinement of systematic over- and undercorrection

·         The success as measured by the Index of Success

·         Angle and Magnitude of Error

·         Other useful parameters

The trial software is fully functional and comes with a minimum level licence. This allows for the entry of details of up to 2 procedures to be kept while the Export/Import function is not available. Upon purchase of the Vectrak program, a registration and access code will be issued to allow analysis of up to 1000 patients.

VECTrAK Standard Program - Up to 100