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ASSORT- 12 Monthly over 3 years

  • A total planning and outcomes analysis software using the Alpins Method which includes graphical as well as numerical analyses for presentations and publications.
  • ‘ASSORT’ – is capable of analysing any measurable parameter of the eye with particular emphasis on the planning and analysis of astigmatism. This software can be used for toric IOL, Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRIs) and excimer laser surgery procedures. Single eye and group analyses to adjust nomograms and determine success of astigmatic and spherical treatments can be determined with particular emphasis on astigmatic outcomes using the Alpins Method. Graphical analyses can be displayed using surgical vector graphs, bar and scatter graphs.

Export of data is available for further statistical analysis. The unique toric IOL module includes selection from all currently manufactured toric IOLs, the ability to refine the effective lens position using personalised lens constants, and calculation of IOL rotation required in cases of toric IOL refractive surprises.

ASSORT- 12 Monthly over 3 years
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