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Chapter 19: Clinical Application of Alpins Method

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The Alpins Method of Astigmatism Analysis, The golf analogy, Target induced astigmatism vector (TIA) Now the Alpins’ Method is being used to analyse astigmatic outcomes in quite a number of papers and the major ophthalmology journals are recommending its use for authors submitting papers that investigate astigmatism. For those wanting to read about the Alpins Method which seminal papers do you recommend? I would say there are five seminal papers. In 1993 was a New Method of Analysing Vectors, January 1997 A New Method of Targeting Vectors December 1997 was Vector Analysis of Astigmatism by Flattening, Steepening and Torque. May 1998 was the Treatment of Irregular Astigmatism and then by invitation from Dr Koch in the January 2001 JCRS was Astigmatism Analysis by the AlpinsMethod which is a demonstration of how to use my method, for both corneal and refractive parameters. They are all available on ResearchGate to download. Can the Alpins Method be used in the analysis of all procedures that look to treat astigmatism? The book highlights the extensive use of the Alpins Method when analysing astigmatism in the peer reviewed journals. The Alpins Method is not restrictive in its application. It can be used for incisional surgery, ablations, limbal relaxing incisions and toric IOL procedures. The user essentially needs three parameters for a basic astigmatism analysis. 1. How much astigmatism is present preoperatively (magnitude and orientation)? 2. How much astigmatism are you intended to treat? 3. How much astigmatism is present postoperatively (magnitude and orientation)? When it comes to the treatment and analysis of astigmatism there are a number of terms being used to describe the same thing which makes the subject confusing. One of the key factors in understanding astigmatism treatment and analysis is using the same terminology so everyone is on the same page. Whether you’re analysing astigmatism for incisions, ablations, limbal relaxing incisions or toric IOLs the Alpins Method uses the same terminology – there is no confusion.